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Guys~ Today's ep was most exciting ep I've ever seen! Wow the story is going so interesting. OY knew that OS lied to her, and conflicts between him and SW bursted today. I wonder so much how story will go tmr. Can't wait for it x)
Reyamless than a minute agox @njkim yup that's what I heard that the drama based on a novel or movie or something like this I can't remember it literally but what I remember that both of died still hope this won't happen so let's hope that the end is going to be happy cross fingers
@Reyam omg. seriously?!
@njkim yup same here I heard that they are both going to die which I hate ..:(( cause I don't wanna cry :(
@Reyam me too~ I wanna see them smile:( But I'm worried of sad ending, cuz many ppl guess it gonna end as sad storyㅠㅜㅠㅜ
wow this sounds so exciting i am still waiting for thr sub i cant wait to watch it...i really want them to be happy cause they both suffered enough and they need to smile a little ...finger crossed