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So I am FINALLY getting to do my video reaction to their newest MV and Album, Chained Up! I'll start with the MV first...

The Intensity!!!

Holy freakin' cow, did anyone else just faint at the CONSTANT reminder of just how sexy they were? I mean, those looks, and these are just a few that I could capture. I thought I'd die from the intensity of their looks, especially Hongbin!
Just a quick recap of where I've seen this face on Hongbin before, lol. Doesn't it remind you so much of his intense looks and features in VOODOO DOLL?


Okay, so when I saw Hyuk's BLONDE hair (almost white in some shots), I was like, OMG! And then he did this...this crotch-body-roll-"look at my package" move. I mean, come on! Where did the Maknae go?!?! Gah! He's so hot in this MV, he really has grown up a lot since MYDOL and he's a real man now. *tears*


Okay, first, whoever thought that GOLD chains were the best look really outdid themselves. I mean, sure, chains are usually silver, but the gold color matches Leo's hair so perfectly it's like he blends in and it makes us work that much harder to see him.
Second, holy Hera that boy's vocals in this song just killed me. Not to mention his dancing, and he got a ton of screen time. The intensity he always displays in everything really showed in this MV, and I can't help but love him completely for it. He was, until recently, my least favorite group member; but he's been slowly crawling up my bias list, and suddenly BAM, he wrecked it. Sneaky b*****rd.


Oh Ravi, Ravi, Ravi...THAT HAIR!!
Did anyone else just have a heart attack at his wet hair look? I mean, he went from Beautiful Liar with blonde-ish/white hair to black and wet. I can't decide which I like better! And then there's one of the last pictures: SKIN! The amount of skin in this MV for not only Ravi, but every single member was a fangirl's dream, am I right STARLIGHTS?


The fact that he not only has one part, but many AND he starts the MV off with his own entire section, I was so happy!!! I mean, he got some really good screen time in this MV, and it just reminds me of why he's my *secret* bias. And he just...gah! I have no words for my Hongbin cutie!


Okay, my UB time! Although Leo has risen in the ranks and essentially wrecked my bias list, he hasn't surpassed my ub, Ken. I love Ken even more for his amazing performance in this MV and you can tell now only how hard he worked, but everyone worked, to make this an amazing album and MV. I loved his facial expressions throughout the entire MV, and the flower set fit him perfectly. So precious!


Okay, my bad, thanks for pointing it out, how could I forget THE LEADER?!
Two words: GREEN HAIR! Like what?!
At first I thought he didn't get a lot of screen time, but then I realized that while the others seemed to have a wide dynamic of scenes, his seemed a bit less varied. But I absolutely loved him in this MV. Sooooooooooo hot! Those intense looks, mmmhmm!
Thanks for listening to my reaction card, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as my niece and I did. Lol, I watched it the first time with her sitting in my lap, and she kept asking to watch it again and again, so we watched it like, 6 more times together. LOL. I love my adorable niece!
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@DianaBell Thank you! And I love it. Especially how it looks when the light hits it.
AFSGJDVUINVSOWLB!!!! I lost all sense of words the minute the MV was released my minds blank utterly, completely BLANK.
the song, the mv, leo ravi, the gold chains, hongbin, all of it was to much. i just can't deal. i was dead within the first 15 seconds
Wahhhhh I also like LOVED how hongbin looked in this!!! ANd leo! And N! And everyone!!!
seriously live for Leo in those gold chains and Ken in the box of flowers