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Fans in Washington have been applying the pressure to Kevin Durant for the past two years, as they want their hometown guy to return to D.C. and play for the Wizards.
While leaving Oklahoma City to play for Washington is a possibility, do you think it will put Kevin Durant in a better position to win an NBA title?
There are many factors to consider on the KD-to-DC free agency deal.
1-Does playing in the East make it an easier run to the NBA Finals?
Answer: probably not, as the East has gotten much stronger over the past couple of years. He would also have to contend with Lebron James, Carmelo and Paul George on his way to a title at the small forward position. The West has less talent at his position, which would allow him to thrive in matchups come playoff time.
2-Are the Wizards better than the Thunder?
Answer: No. The Wizards have been more healthy than the Thunder, but OKC has more talent in the starting five and a better bench. While John Wall and Bradley Beal have the 2nd best backcourt in the NBA, Russell Westbrook is the best point guard in the NBA, and he plays for the Thunder.

What do you think? Are the Wizards a better fit for Kevin Durant than the Thunder?

I like the idea of him leaving okc but if he stays that's good too
In the long run, he might be better off with the Wizards, but right now, OKC is a much better team haha
No,the best place for KD is in a Lakers jersey. Lol,I'm bias tho.
I think he's much better off with the Thunder in the west. The wizards aren't better than the Thunder talent-wise and playing in the east just means an easier first and possibly second round matchup. It doesn't change the fact that they still would have to beat two of the best teams in the league to win the title.