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it's been comfirmed that 2ne1 is comingback guys. im hypeeed up right now. I wont be able to sleep lol .... still gotta wait for yg's side to confirm tho :/
this is what the article says (according to my browser's translator lol) [Daily News star Today jowooyoung reporter] YG Entertainment notice by November 21 comeback artist was confirmed that the girl group 2NE1 (2NE1). 2NE1, according to the 11 days Source Distribution officials the day and announced a new album. Digital single or mini-album, worthy of recognition is unknown although glad for the fans awaited them. Comebacks of 2NE1 is only about 20 months. 2NE1 last year, swept the domestic online music charts 1st February second studio album "Crush (Crush) '. The album won the then iTunes 7 countries 9 charts the top US Billboard is plug in' 2014 K-Pop Best album was also the best current interest of 0.10ahead of the official blog YG side with 'des NeXT (WHO'S NEXT?) The new section was released the teaser poster.21:00 '11 .21 ln poster with explicit pause gotta have that 'provoked a variety of speculation. The geochwi activities and 2NE1's CL debut ahead of the United States is also a concern. 2NE1 is scheduled to expire next year's contract.This activity may be important in YG and 2NE1 position. YG has succeeded in recent years to extend the exclusive contract with them while shooting full support for the Big Bang this year.Meanwhile, YG Department monster newcomer "icon coming 16 days," International Singer 'Boys will release a new song on December 1. In addition to the icons, while between 2NE1 and Psy 2015 Is the market still seems to be a finished world, YG. Fact@mk.co.kr [ⓒ Maeil Business Newspaper & mk.co.kr, all rights reserved]
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,ahhhhh 2ne1's comeback!!!!