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2ne1 making a comeback by the end of the month... @MattK95, I can't take this!
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my heart is filled with joy at this news. one of my favs...
@VeronicaArtino they just performed at the Mama awards but all of Korea is losing their minds about Bom and her new face and CL trying to have an American career... both of these are undermining the potential album release
I saw their performance. Bom is my favorite and I just want her to be well and happy. Their music is one of my go toos. just those things should never undermine the mu see ic and potential album release but it sadly does around the world
@VeronicaArtino, its being said that she has relapsed after her battle with surgical addiction that almost cost her, her life before. Being in the spotlight right now is probably not the best thing for her. she needs to take a break and focus on self love and acceptance before she can continue her career @VeronicaArtino
@RobertMarsh so at true