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So, yeah, this is a beautiful man you can fall in love with.
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@ArmyofKookie I know how you feel as soon as I started to take interest into Gohn, Seogoong, and Kidoh I learned that they were not in the band anymore.
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@IGOT7DOYOUGOT7 ;-; I knew Seogoong left I think a year ago and was heartbroken then, but when i heard the news about Gohn and Kidoh I swear my heart just.... ;-; but I'm glad they left by choice and on good terms but THEY WERE SO GOOD AND KIDOH'S RAP UGGHH.. Sorry I ranted but I haven't been able to talk to about it with anybody xD
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It is okay, because I totally agree.
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I'm so sad he left Topp Dogg! Like I didn't follow them very much for a couple of months and then The Beat comes out and I find out that he's no longer in TD! :.(
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