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Just realized I own a product that came from Korea... #whocanrelate ?!? now... just need to own a handsome oppa and I'm completely satisfied #likeandcomment
@IMNII hahaha eventually more and more Korean products will sneak their outta Asia and into the rest of the world,just wait and see 😉
I'd be so hype if I realized that!! lol I love Korean stuff, Korean food, the culture, the language! It's just something about it all! I practically grew up on Kimchi and my first touch screen phone was a Samsung. So Korea kinda snuck it's way into my life lol
@RobertMarsh wow really ,korea is just a great place...impossible not not fall in love with it! and oh! thanks!!! i will for sure ask if i have any questions . thanks so much
I actually fell in love with the country, culture, people, language and food long before I discovered kpop and kdramas @JackieG1617
@RobertMarsh ...i would of never guessed! god i need to do some research on korea 😂 but thanks for that info!
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