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5 LGBT+ Comic Creators

Because representation matters.

This week we had a great conversation about LGBT+ representation in comics. We've come a long way, but there's still further we need to go. @DonovanMoore brought up a great point: Diversity in the staff plays a huge role in positive representation, because it's extremely important for people in marginalized groups to have a voice in how they're characterized. So in the spirit of celebrating the good things happening (to encourage better things in the future), here are five people currently working who deserve our appreciation!

Kate Leth

She's collaborated with Welcome to Nightvale, and she'll be working on the upcoming series Hellcat! I hope we all get to live by her words: "Just be you, be nice, and kiss people you like."

Lana Wachowski

You probably know of her because of The Matrix or Sense8, but before working in the film industry she and her brother worked for Marvel comics, notably Ectokid and Doc Frankenstein. She made her first public appearance after transitioning in 2012. She also won the HRC Visibility award (you can see her speech here, it's the second part of this card).

Alison Bechdel

No list like this would be complete without her- she continues to be a trailblazer. You've probably read Dykes to Watch Out For by now, but it's worth a second (or third, or fourth) read, and you should definitely check out Fun Home (as well as the Broadway adaptation).

Noelle Stevenson

She's best known for Nimona and Lumberjanes, which is being adapted for a live-action movie by Fox!

Katie O’Neill

If you're not reading Princess Princess, you should really start. She's a wonderful storyteller!
@AdiaJasinski omg yes I have such a crush on them :D @baileykayleen AGREED. I saw Kate Leth at the Shipwrecked fanfiction contest in NY and she was SO MUCH FUN. And yes, Alison Bechdel 5eva haha. Everyone else on this list is totally awesome as well! The comics that Lana made might still have the name Larry Wachnowski, I'm not sure. I believe they were made before she changed her name.
@Eclare I really like all of their work!
This is very interesting :)
Kate Leth is goals tbh. Like I want to be her/marry her so bad. Alison Bechdel deserves to be on every list ever. Like I don't care if it's even applicable. Fun Home, the musical, was pure brilliance created from the inspiration of pure brilliance. I definitely need to check out these other human beings!
Nimona was my favorite comic OMGG bc the gay couple and Ugh it was great
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