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Jimin slid his arm around my waist because I told him I love him

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"Why do you have to live down such a creepy backstreet?" "How is this creepy? The street is green." "Have you walked through at night?" "No I've only lived here for six years." "Jimin, Y/N, enough. I can't take you two bickering much longer." There was a shifting of bags behind you. "Jimin help Jin would you. You're literally carrying a bag of oranges, you could at least carry something more." You kicked at his leg, nearly dead legging him. "Geezus Y/N. You'll break my legs if you keep doing that." Jimin side stepped and bumped into you, making you trip up just the slightest. Jin pushed passed the two of you, walking faster and turning the corner. He left the both of you behind to figure out what ever it was you were on about. "You want some water?" Jimin offered up a water bottle. Rolling your eyes, you speed up down the street. Jin was waiting for you at your front gate and you apologized for taking so long. Jimin made it to gate just as you got to your front door unlocked. "Thank you both for helping and as promised," You set the bag of groceries on the counter, moving over to the fridge ",the rest of the cake is yours." "I'm good but thank you Y/N." Jin set the two bags he carried onto the bar and took a seat. Jimin came through the front door a moment later. He didn't say much, moving over to the fruit bowl and started putting the oranges away. "Jimin, cake is in the fridge." You watched him get wide-eyed and practically run for the fridge. "Someone's excited." "The only reason I agreed to help. " He grinned, taking the whole plate over to the bar, taking a seat next to Jin. "You're lucky I love you." You tossed a dish rage at his head, smacking him in the ear. "Love you too Y/N."
You were walking through the park, something that seemed to be rare nowadays. Work kept you to busy to do much else and living at your grandmother's had you taking care of her in what free time you ever managed to get. But today, your cousin had taken the old woman out and you were able to take an off day. "Jimin." You reached out, grabbing ahold of his sleeve. "What's up?" He turned back, pulling the one headphone away. "How long have we known each other now?" You asked, trying to figure out the question yourself. "Fifteen or sixteen years now, why?" "I was just curious, I didn't realize it'd been that long. We've got a lot of memories together." You smiled at him, hooking your arms together. "Good and bad but mostly good." "And embarrassing." You added. "Are you thinking about that time you kissed me? You were like five." Your face flushed instantly ",And that's why I bring it up." Jimin snorted out a laugh and you smacked him. "You're a jerk, now you must feed me to make up for it." - You laid out on the floor, sweat causing your back to stick. Jimin was still dancing a few feet away, catching your eye in the mirror. He smiled, finishing out the song before collapsing next to you. "Can we go home now?" You huffed out, peeling yourself away from the floor. "Ah, you're tired?" You nodded, eager to leave ",Alright I'll walk you home then." You quickly packed up your bag and slid your jacket on, making sure everything was ready to go before he could change his mind. Jimin only laughed before hooking his arm with yours and pulling you out the door. Outside was warm, the mid-summer air staying a comfortable temperature for once. "Let's play truth or dare." "On our way home?" Jimin smiled and you agreed ",You first." "Truth or dare?" "I meant you pick Minnie." "Oh, dare then." "I dare you to shout out a secret." You grinned at him. Jimin thought over it, figuring up what secret to tell. You kicked at rocks and pulled away from Jimin to readjust your bag. "Ah, I got one. Ready?" He stopped walking and you backed away, nodding that you were ",I LOVE Y/N." You stood a few feet away, staring wide-eyed at Jimin. He was grinning, watching you just stand there like a deer in headlights. "Truth or dare Y/N?" Jimin was still smiling. "T-truth." You stammered out. "Do you love me?" "Y-yes." He took the few steps that separated you and slid his arms around your waist, pulling you close. "Can we redo that kiss? I don't think our five year old selfs did it justice."
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