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I am super duper loving crunchyroll! it's completely worth the money they ask for! That being said, I have found yet another show I have fallen completely on love with. Haikyuu embodies my favorite sports game. This was my all time game in school and after watching this I regret not joining the team. I love the pack mentality whem it is used properly and this as anime does it justice. Gawd..., I am in love with all of these players. Karasuno all the way! lol
Now for a moment let me focus on these two, is there a thing with them in the manga or is this just another HEAVILY implied yaoi that just never actually scratches that itch? I mean... come ON. They are obviously good for each other and what Kageyama said to Hinata in this last episode only drives my need for their love that much more. Who watches this anime/ reads this manga.... I need to discuss. **and just fyi every card I post os something I wanna fan girl over. so If you follow these animes and have opinions pleeeeeease talk to me. I'm awful at talking to people on my own.
Haikyuu is love!
I love this anime ssssssssssssssoooooooooooo much. Hinata is just so fun! Well, they all are. And even when they lose, the writers still keep the anime really light hearted. Like, Kuroko no Basuke was lighthearted the majority of the time, but there were certainly some really deep ruts. Not here though, everyone is a ray of sunshine (well, Tsukki, maybe not; and Oikawa is deeply annoying, but despite that!)
Ikr? I've be using them since about a year after they were created. Thanks to them my efforts to avoid homework have never been easier!!!!