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Roc Upchurch returns to comics after domestic violence charges.

The artist for Rat Queens was arrested in 2014 for a domestic violence charge. One year later, he's returning to his career, and there's very little uproar. In fact, in an interview he gave to Comic Book Resource, it sounds like everything is back on track. But his wife tells a very different story. In blog posts and a message to The Mary Sue, she disputes his claims that he's mending his relationship with his kids, stating that he hasn't seen them at all. She writes:
“As I write this, my children’s father is living with one of his female fans in Texas. And he’s quickly insinuating himself back into the comic book community. He’s been granted interviews in which he claims many untruths about our status. About his involvement with his children. He requests publicly to be allowed to interact with fans and the community once more. To what ends? If his past is any indication, I fear for the innocent young women who will cross his path. Or even his fists.”

Those are two very different stories.

And while we might never get any answers as to what's really going on, one thing does seem pretty clear: We're still not dealing with domestic violence in a healthy way. It's not limited to the comics community, and it's definitely not limited to this one instance. Victims are frequently silenced or ignored, or they're disbelieved at every turn.
And as for the perpetrators? How many resources are really available to the people who commit these horrible crimes against the people they claim to love? When it comes to their recovery- and other's safety- it really seems like we're failing everyone involved.
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I agree with @RosePark unfortunately. I certainly don't think they belong any where but prison or mental health institution... whatever they need to be completely stopped...but unfortunately that's not going to happen
I believe if a celebrity contributes to the public by way of community service, speaking in public to identify social injustice, and perhaps offering money to charities as well, it'll show the families of the victims their commitment to get better. Many celebrities use this as publicity stunts, though so I don't know. Like publicists say. Any publicity is good publicity.
if they want to change, sure why not every one deserves a second chance. if they are still at it, no way in hell, but the sad thing people will eventually stop caring simply because they love their work. I mean look at John Lennon he abused his wives, or Chris Brown; people forget.
yes. in the end we should keep their personal career and professional career seperate.
Thank you all for your comments! It's been a really insightful conversation ^_^