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AOTD: Like where can I start. The beat drop in the middle was so epic like I couldn't even. Kai's dancing in a white suit thing with powder. That was so powerful. When Sehun went in the Bar/Pub like why did they not let you in with the lightsaber (well I know it is a collab with Star Wars) like it seems that it's so common to have a lightsaber. And he just like gave it to the bouncer. At the end Kai definitely teleported. Baekhyun destroying the chips...? THE SONG IS SO GOOD I CANT.
AOTD: Now onto B.A.P. Like this teaser is the most important one of all. Dude those Lamborghinis tho. (Are those lambos? They looked like it.) And like black is classic and they pulled it off with that leather. Those thrones and that Lion. Lion king? Sundiata? (History is in my head right now. No not EXO'S History xD) I CANT WAIT FOR THIS COMEBACK LIKE REALLY. HURRY UP AND COMEEEEE.