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100 days of anime challenge Day 8

Favorite anime couple? 0_0 Okay...this friggin question was so hard! I mean, to pick one anime couple out of all the ones I've seen? I almost gave myself a legitimate headache trying to think of just one. Love is a solidly prevalent theme in anime. So many stories have a favorite couple, you can't watch and anime anymore without seeing it. So again, I may release a list in the future of my favorites but for now this will be a tie. I will go with my current favorite couple and ONE of my long time favorites ((because.. I have a obscenely long list)...T_T) So who do we have up first. I will list my current favorite.
Shirayuki and Zen from Akagami no Shirayukihime *sigh* this couple has got to be one of the cutest I've found this season. Actually this anime was a blessed breath of fresh air for me. At the time I had been watching an anime that just burnt my brain cells for various reasons and when I came across this...it was just so cute and nice it was just what I needed after being burned out. Shirayuki is a herbalist whose kingdoms prince wanted to make her his concubine. So she runs away and on her journey she meets Zen who, after a small misshap, she ends up treating for an injury. When her kingdom's prince tries to poison her, Zen accidentally eats the poison. In order to get the antidote she is willing to barter her freedom but just when things get bad she learns her patient is none other than Zen Wisteria, second prince of a neighboring kingdom. This couple pulled no punches from the gate. Their story is slow and the development that happens between these two is awesome. But it isn't one of those live at first sight animes, no Shirayuki has a dream to become the best herbalist she can be and Zen wants to become a worthy prince of his kingdom. They both continue towards their dreams as they go through the story. You see their love develop while trying to reach their goals. Now this couple is sweet, airheaded yet at the same time are fully aware of the state of their romance. They actually....behave realisticly. It was such a shock when I saw it it was almost too much. If Shirayuki is in trouble she doesn't wait for Zen to try and save her, she will fight to save herself. If Zen has a problem or is uncertain of something between them, he talks to her! *mind blown*
There isn't heavy drama, there isn't over exaggerated misunderstanding or problems. This couple has problems, but they don't let those problems stop them from loving eachother nor do they take it out on one another. Instead they want to keep growing in order not to be left behind by the other. They both have goals and dreams they want to achieve and are more than willing to support one another to do so. They also strive to earn the respect of everyone who has anything negative about them through their deeds and actions. This beautiful story was one that touched me deeply because it didn't use dramtic scenario. Instead their love was quiet and seems like it will endure everything that life throws at them. It shows us that no matter what class, rank, or lot in life you come from love is still possible. If you've read the manga, you can see a more indepth look and I highly recommend it. Second couple is one I have loved for the longest time and couldn't be more opposite to the one above.
Kagome and Inuyasha from Inuyasha a feudal fairytale. Kagome is a girl from modern times that after accidently falling down an old well at her family's temple is transported back to feudal japan where she meets half demon Inuyasha. After accidently breaking a sacred jewel which gives power to demons, she journeys with Inuyasha to collect the shards while trying to balance both her modern life and the past. Okay, okay, yes I know the story is crazy and the anime and movies were all over the place. But this anime is a classic for a reason. Despite its flaws, it was a pretty good story and I think the love between Kagome and Inuyasha is why. Love is never a straight line. It has twists and turns, problems and obstacles all through it. It's how you respond to and overcome those problems and how much work you put into fixing them that determine what kind of life you will have with your lover. This couple faced past loves, adultry, loyalty issues, time constraints, home wreckers, temptations, nosy friends, bad guys trying to kill them, heck even personality issues. They faced it all but in the end they overcame them and grew stronger in their love as they gradually realized the full depth of their feelings. And can we hand it to Kagome? She may have character flaws and personality issues but she overcame one of the bitchest and vindictive love rivals in anime history.
Kikyo, my god this this woman. She could hold a grudge like no one else. Thank the gods this story didn't take place in modern times, who knows what kind of crap she could have pulled.
And Inuyasha, one of the most uncertain guys in history. He definitely took his time making a decision and Kagome actually loved him enough to wait for him. But despite everything(and kikyo) this couple in the end proved that love is forgiving, enduring and can trancend time. If you've read the manga or seen final act, they do get their happy ending. Its cute, bittersweet and long overdue. So there are my current and one of my long standing picks for this. Anyone else have a favorite or seen the animes I spoke about?
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