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Probably gonna post these as textmebangtan gets thems up, so it'll be one at a time Part 1, 3
Suga - Set 4 months after break up OH MY GEEZUS She got her Suga Bear back (Do other people call him that or is it just me?)

Credit: textmebangtan

These are always soo perfect and I've called him yoongi pie lol never yoongi bear but that's really cute
I seriously can't even anymore, the break ups and make ups are killing me!!! oh my lordy, I think I caught the feels yet again!!!
I called him Yogi Bear once cause when my friend said his name I thought she was saying Yogi not Yoongi and I was like Yogi the Bear? She won't let me live, but now I just call him suga or yoongi.
I would've use the bear too ^.^ but please Yoongi stay in your lane 😂 I can't handle the feels
omg now I'm going to call him that (suga bear) and he's so cute, its not even funny. If only someone did that to me 😍😍
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