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What's Up? in Korean with 4Minute
4Minute has already taught us how to make friends (here) and now they're back to teach us how to ask people what they're up to!

Vocab you need:

오늘 (oh-neul) - Today
이따 (i-tta) - In a bit
주말 (ju-mal) - the weekend
(mweo) - What
(hae) - To do (add 'yo' to the end to make it more polite)

Now listen to the video below starting at 0:20 to learn these phrases:

오늘 뭐해? - What are you doing today?

(oh-neul mweo-hae?)

이따 뭐해? What are you doing in a bit?

(i-tta mweo-hae?)

주말에 뭐해? What are you doing this weekend?

(ju-mal-eh mweo-hae?)

Watch the video and you'll remember the phrases in no time!

Easy right?!

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Awesome thx
2 years ago·Reply
thank you
2 years ago·Reply
👌👌 i never noticed that entirely, u really do learn something new everyday
2 years ago·Reply
This makes me so happy cause I love this song and now I can learn from it haha
2 years ago·Reply