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Seriously, the trailer is really, really purple. And I guess that's an okay thing, right? I mean, it's visually setting us up for who Kilgrave (The Purple Man and seemingly the big bad for this season) is to Jessica Jones. I'm still really excited for this series and I personally think that Marvel is doing a great job with their Netflix series, it definitely sets a different tone for what the movies are and I love the change of pace.
After watching the trailer, there are a couple of things I really find interesting about the series itself. I briefly mentioned that it's very purple. And I think that works in favor for the show. It puts us into the Jessica's mind. She's obviously had a tumultuous past with the Purple Man and we get to see that visually with the way the lights come in and out. The flashes of purple lights in the scenes where she's alone visually tell us the state of her mind.
In terms of the tone, though, it really matches the bar that was set by Marvel's Daredevil. The approach Marvel is taking with their Netflix shows is great because each of their shows act as an adult, more mature take on Marvel's properties. While the movies are great and have been great, they still have to appeal to a wider audience and in some ways that can hold the film's back.
But with the Netflix series of shows, they don't have that same pressure to make sure the content is well-rounded/family friendly. By doing this, it really rounds out the world Marvel is creating in the MCU. Honestly, I think it's one of the best things to happen to the MCU since the first Iron Man movie. Anyway, Jessica Jones looks like it's going to be another great Netflix series and I can't wait for it to come out.
All episodes of Jessica Jones will premiere on Netflix on November 20th, 2015
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oh ty so much @shannonl5. I can't believe they David is playing a bad guy.... well I can but, I bet he's really good at it. I can't wait to start watching it
@Animefoxgirl97 he did an AMAZING job. Everyone in the cast did to be honest. Couldn't tear my eyes away haha
Let me know when you start it!
omg i started the series and wow david is really bad 馃槙dont really know how to feel about that fact, but the show is great.
@Animefoxgirl97 aaaah let me know when you finish it!!! I don't want to spoil anything