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Taehyung a.k.a "The Sexy 4D alien" 馃槀馃挄
I hate the fact that never in my wildest dreams will I be his special someone :-; I mean, what am I going to do once he finds her 馃槶 ah gawd.
This adorable (yet sexy asf) alien ruined my life 馃檮馃槶馃挄 I hate yet love him so much *sighs* Also, why is Taehyung's orange hair brighter than my future? 馃樁馃槀
I'm pretty sure we all want to be our bias special someone and it sucks knowing he doesn't even know you exist though 馃槶馃槱
Any ways, I haven't been uploading things much cuz I've been busy but do expect more of BTS text messages and snapchats 馃槒馃槈
Who's your bias?
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