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Making a burrito is tough. And it's not even so much about what to put in it. Because if we're being honest, you can put anything in a burrito (just make sure to add the guac though).
Nah, you don't staple it.
You don't fold it like a taco.
You don't add tape to it.

Imma show how how to fold a burrito like a boss:

1) You gotta add the food on ONE side of the burrito. You a rookie if you're adding the food in the middle. Ain't nothing wrong with being a rookie -- now you know better.
2) Now you gotta fold two sides of the burrito. That's gonna be the sides vertical to the food.
3) Aiight now. You gotta give that food and extra hug and fold the bottom of the burrito.
4) Now it's time to do the burrito rolllllllllllll.
I did not know how much I needed this. thank you haha
I still can't do it right. That's why I respect the guys at Chipotle so much. So much rice and meat, but they still manage to roll one perfectly!
That makes it a challenge. @InPlainSight
I totally over fill my burritos. As much as that sounds like an odd euphemism, its not.
I know now! yayyy thanks!
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