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A little something to hopefully make my sweet 동생 ( Dongsaeng) smile while she is trying to get over the flu. @AimeeH
We all know and love @AimeeH. She is so sweet to us all. She is a big part of our family and a great sister to us all. And So I bet it would really raise her spirit if we all did a card for her. @kpopandkimchi @SarahVanDorn @kpoplover1995 @KpopGaby @abbyhudson @SHINee808 @ChelseaJay and since I don't know very many people, if you would tag others that would be awesome. Thanks!
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Omg @AimeeH! Feel better, the flu is NO fun :/ and this is so sweet of you @Tigerlily84 :D
@kpopandkimchi Thank you dear!! ♡♡♡
@AimeeH get well sooon! (>~<)/)
@CreeTheOtaku Thank you dear!! I will try my best to!!