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This is the mood Im in... I love vingle because you choose what you want to read or not... so here it goes... my brain has soo much stuff in it right now.... What are some things you do to help destress and re-focus? @alywoah @SarahContreras @allichaff
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otome games, re-watch in favorite animes, and boiling hot baths w/ smelly good girly crap and kpop with my face pack afterwards....and oddly enough before the bath, ironing the sheets, blankets and pillow cases with a dryer sheet so they're all warm and fresh
@jazziejazz AHHHH I FEEL YOU. My brain is the same way lately. Packed to bursting with stress, and trying to figure out my future, and... sigh. The first thing I always do is take a deeeeep breath. The 4-7-8 breathing technique (you can google it) has honestly worked wonders for me. I also really like long, hot showers and baths, maybe with a good book. Finding a way to build more love into your life is a great longterm destress strategy – if you show more love to others, like a touch here, a hug there, asking about their day – it's amazing the love you feel in return. And of course, exercise is always good – go for a nice, destressing run with good music. Feel that endorphin high ^.^
thanks you all... I will try all them out...
@jazziejazz hope you're feeling better soon ^^ we're always here if you wanna talk it out!!
@Allobaber thanks I am....