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It's not what you think.

The Harry Potter Alliance is an organization dedicated to making activism accessible by channeling the power of the stories we love to create tools for real-world change. Their campaigns have resulted in 250,000 book donations, 20,000 supporters for Net Neutrality, and $123,000 for supplies in Haiti. Their current project connects the message of The Hunger Games books and films to address real-world inequality.

The project has opened up a discussion about mental illness and income inequality.

Fiction frequently mirrors life, but we don't often use it as a tool to find solutions to the problems we're facing. By asking people what their Hunger Games reality is, the HPA is encouraging everyone with a personal connection to the books (the entire world) to join a conversation. Because the truth is that income inequality is increasing, as is the cost of education and healthcare, and those problems aren't going to be solved on their own.

Which begs the question... what's YOUR Hunger Games?

This is really cool!! What an interesting way to get people conversing about these problems. Very accessible.
Wow. Thank you for this! I really can't say much when it comes to my own person hunger games, because I've actually been pretty fortunate in my life.
Totally! It relates really problems with pop culture stuff! it brings it up in a way that we can all grasp @ButterflyBlu