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These two songs are blasting my ear drums out right now and i am in heaven. These songs are my life rn. OMG I CAN'T EVEN!!!!!!!!!!
Lightsaber legit got me emotional because i haven't felt this kind of magic from exo since overdose or wolf. Don't get me wrong i loved call me baby and love me right but something about this just brought back a little of the old feeling i used to get with exo. can't explain it i it. It's amazing.
Ok so i clicked the mv full of confidence ready to be slayed by my oppas...and that's exactly what i got i just was not ready .......i'm not even going to talk about the mv because i haven't fully recovered, but like how is it possible to love a song so much. I am literally hooked to this song. It's perfection.
On to my favorite part of both of these songs. Ravi and Chanyeol have these husky deeo raspy voices that i die for. And litedally their raps in these songs had me screaming. I love when they get this agressive tone where it's like their voice is as sharp as glass ripping through your ear drums ( totally weird way to explain it but it's all i got) comment if you know what i'm talking about. Like who knew someone could make eenie meenie minie moe so hot o_O #ravi #chanyeol #exo #vixx #imsodone
I agree. Chanyeol has a to die for husky voice! I totally love it! It has me squealing every time.