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omg!! it's finally out kyahhh!!!!! EXO
I can't believe it's out omg I'm in luv wth tis song now Imma admit thy had good songs the past few years n light saber is the best one I had heard so far even though it's new I like it way better thn the new ones tat came out tis year I mean I don't get me wrong I still luv all their songs but tis song is j so catchy tat I'm like cray cray now haha I'm sry I'm j in luv wth the song right now haha
IKR I AM GOING INSANE FOR THIS EXO IS BACK!!!! chanyeols rap has stolen my soul
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IKR I'm like cray cray right now I j can't stop listenin to it it's like on repeat rn haha n Ikr chanyeol a rap it's like the only thing I can remember haha whn thy song comes to yay spot
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