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The first Finding Dory trailer was released today (even though it's more of a teaser, but still) and while I was getting excited for another Pixar movie starring some of my favorite fish and sea creatures, it reminded me of a time when I was the last resort babysitter for my nephews.
And when I say last resort it's because I didn't want to be bothered with any kind of responsibility. Which is something I think everyone in their mid-to-late teens is into. I mean, who wants to do anything that isn't completely selfish when you're 15-17 years old? If you said you were a good teenager then I don't like you and bye forever (not really stay, please, stay).
I was fortunate enough to babysit my nephew instead of some kid I didn't care about. And I say fortunate because if I can be totally honest with you, if I had to watch some kid at that age I'd probably be in jail for accidentally losing a human child to a family of dinosaur-giraffes (also known as a Brontosaurus [which wasn't real by the way, or maybe it was, who knows? I mean, scientists can't even decide if they were or weren't] or if you're a giant nerd, an Apatosaurus).
The funny thing about babysitting my nephew when he was still a tiny human being is that he always wanted to watch Finding Nemo even though we almost never got through the whole movie. I saw it once in the theaters with family but after that I haven't seen it. Not in full anyway. Mostly because my nephew would get scared and cry anytime Bruce, that shark, would smile.
And I don't blame him. If I was a tiny little hamster human being, I'd probably be terrified at that giant sharp smile too. And I remember the way he'd curl away from the television whenever Bruce had shown up on screen and the way I would get up and stop the DVD. I'm pretty sure he's gotten through the movie by now but it's still a memory I'll hold close to my heart as one of the cutest and silliest things I've ever seen.
Watching my nephew continually try and get through this one scene is something that I ended up finding inspiring. I thought it was awesome that he knew how to stay vigilant at such a young age. I mean, he was the one asking me to put the DVD into the player and he still was the one who would ask me to turn it off.
I wonder what went through his mind at that time. I wonder if, like, he had woken up everyday that week and told himself that he'd get through it but he'd fail. Or if he went to bed every night and thought, "tomorrow, tomorrow I'll get through it, I promise. It's a great memory and part of me hopes he doesn't feel "too cool" or "too old for Finding Dory when it finally hits theaters.
Finding Dory will hit theaters on June 17th, 2016.
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Hahahah that's how I feel every day though. "Tomorrow I'll get through this!" Your nephew is one brave little dude. Even I have trouble with that scene...