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Actor Lee Byung Hun couldn’t hide his love for girlfriend Lee Min Jung. The actor appeared in the SBS show “Healing Camp” on March 18th, and revealed his and Lee Min Jung's love story. Lee Byung Hun revealed that they met in 2006 and started to meet each other with good feelings but, “I thought that I was standing on her way, since she was just starting. I was busy with many projects at the time, and had to live abroad. I knew we couldn’t meet anymore, not in a long time.” Fortunately, the two love birds reunited again a few years later, and revealed their relationship on August of 2012. When he was asked about her he said, “She is beautiful, but looks don't last too long. I've always thought that having something in common is very important in a relationship.” He continued, “We have a lot in common, we actually never stop talking, we have so many things to share. Even thought we have a big age gap, I feel she is very mature. She understands what people my age thinks.” On this episode, he also revealed that he cried “a river” in front of her, because he was going through hard times, when rumors were floating around. He revealed she had been there for him, and gave him strength.
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that soo sweet (*_*)