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I AM GWEN POOL... She’s smart, she’s charming, and she can shoot and stab her way through a gaggle of Hydra goons before you know it! And she’s coming to the Marvel universe for special backup stories, Her introduction is the Howard the Duck series one - three. Now, if you are wondering who the hell is Gwen pool.. It's Gwen Stacey... Trying something new and alternate of course. Gwen pool is quite new, I'm talking maybe a few months if that but she has been making noise and people love it!
Gwen Pool's issue will hit this December. She will be teaming up with the gang (yes, Wade ♥ will be featuring with others) to save, you guessed it Christmas!
Some of the Internet community is not happy that Gwen pool will most likely get a spin off. Most were saying Anonymous 1""I guess Deadpool was not enough" Anonymous 2 "3 questions: Why does Gwenpool's costume look more like a girly version of Poolboy instead a girly version of Deadpool? Why isn't Gwenpool scarred like Deadpool? And perhaps most importantly why isn't Gwenpool wearing pants?" Anonymous 3 : Why do we need a Gwenpool if we already have a Lady Deadpool? -I'm guessing the Gwen in Gwenpool stands for Gwen Stacy, why is Gwen Stacy deadpool? I mean... for her to be Spider-Woman (since the original character was Spidey's girlfriend) makes sense, but for her to be deadpool??? Why??? Is Marvel really so desperate to make easy cash and tumblr fandom that they're going to sploit the unexisting Gwen-trend that came after Spider-Gwen's first issue??? -And last but not least... Why? Simply... WHY????
So Gwen Pool's entering the Marvel Universe is mixed but most of all its postive. I personally think this could be cool, for a short. Not one with more that 10 issues. Dead pool likes anything so he is down to sharing his "pool space"
Wade you are my number one "pool" lmao ♥ Stay Frisky ♥ L A Von Dangerous ::disclaimer that stay frisky was for deadpool :: lol check this out Mercs with mouths @shannonl5 @MichaelOgg  @SamTheMallow  @BeannachtOraibh  @JoshuaGraston  @Kirooken  @shannonl5 @jak91 @trin1991 @jonathanbellamy and of course the rest of Vingle..
I agree with the pants comment lol, can you believe it was a guy that pointed it out. That actually made me happy lol. @BeannachtOraibh
She could use some pants though. "Maybe you should put on some shorts or something, if you want to continue fighting evil today..."
I'm down with Gwen Pool! Wade will always be the fave, but it's cool to add new family members!
Still like my design better XP
@BeannachtOraibh @LAVONYORK lol yeah I'm down with this... but pants. It gets chilly this time of year XD and while Deadpool isn't opposed to nudity he's usually wearing something down there lol