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We have one special video. Hongbin!!!! It was released not very long ago and OMG WHY!!!!! It is very short, but still heart attack worthy. This is not it though, we still have more goals to reach and we need to up our game. Vixx is going up against some tough competition this year and there starting to fall behind. Our boys worked so hard (Our poor Jaehwan coughed up blood he worked so hard). They really put so much effort in and we can all agree its fantastic so let's step it up and do this.
ALSO THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! YouTube will only count the video as viewed if you listen to it at full volume and have the quality at at least 720!!! Spread the word, because were loosing views because YouTube did not make this rule known before the video was released.
Haha I'm sorry I'm a little crazy determined right now. I just REALLY want there hard work to pay off and when I heard the news there falling behind.........I'm on a mission now. Once again my mind has left me.........STARLIGHT FIGHTING!!!!!!
@KaiJae yeah. YouTube just wants money. I really wish that there was another sight they could put this on and count for the awards because it's unfair to VIXX. This song should be HUGE by now, hence why YouTube is doing this again
@KAddict I know about that, YouTube is got it out for kpop bc some videos beat US videos on views, so they think we cheating and taking away views and videos bc of it. they took down GGs-Gee Gee and made it loss it's views. as the highest kpop video on views.
@KaiJae yes we do. Unfortunately YouTube is taking away vixx's views and not letting us get any more views so it's becoming very difficult. We will have to work extra hard!
need more