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so I work in a very large hotel (in the kitchens). I'm the youngest cook for night shift *cough* I'm 31 *cough*. Everyone knows I play music while I work. everyone is aware it's not English.
so today I was in the main kitchen,making gobs of stuff BLASTING my music. as I told @kpopandkimchi, I was going to buy VIXX's new album "torture" my coworkers with it. Well for about 1 hour it was all VIXX: every song I had (which sadly isn't allllll of them) plus the new album. So anywho "Chained Up" comes on a few ...er...dozen times. by round 5 EVERYONE is singing the "nanananana". loudly. dancing to the song.
that's right. we were making fancy canapés regular food to Kpop jamming. I swear VIXX made this lil plate taste soooo much better.
that's so awesome I used to be able to jam to VIXX at work also till my boss said no,so now I jam with it with my earphones
@LunaCordero: my sous chef pretty much makes me play music. lol.
OMG. Can I work with you?! 😆