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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Song!

Today I invite you to go on a journey with me. You might already know what I'm talking about just by looking at the picture above. So without further ado~ Let's Go!

Angelic Break Beats by ANANT-GARDE EYES (Angel Beats)

A memorable song for one of the most memorable animes ever created full with emotions and a melody that let's you forget everything and has a it's own story to tell. There's basically no one in the anime community that doesn't know this song, even if you haven't watched the anime, you've heard the song. I can't help but only cry and reminisce why this anime is what it is today.
"Angelic Break Beats" is the theme song for "Angel Beats" and this is the PV (Promotional Video) for the anime. I'm sure no one expected what Angel Beats was going to do to our feelings when this came out, but I'm so glad it did.
"Truly and deeply, thank you for giving, my life to me." - Kanade Tachibana

Close your eyes and listen as long as you need to.

The journey is not over yet! Let's move on to Part 2 shall we?

For those who want to be tagged or removed, let me know!

Oh yes. Angel Beats: the first time you made me cry, B. @RosePark
Yay, angel beats. :D I love these.
real men dont cry, they allow the water from their eyes to fertilize the rich soil to grow hops which gets turned into beer... i just did that, enjoy your budweiser
@RosePark you know I'll take you up on it. <3 We need to talk about the second time you made me cry, too, you know. Maybe I'm ready. Lol we shall see.
@ButterflyBlu The last part of Part 2, the offer still stands ^^
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