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The Millennium Falcon is such an iconic spaceship in all of science fiction. So making modifications to it is something that seems like blasphemy to die-hard Star Wars fans. But Joe Gan threw all his caution into the wind or against the wind (I don't know how this saying goes) and made a Millennium Falcon using some parts from the Lego Technic Grand Prix Racer set.
There's something about racing decals that make me think whatever they're attached/tattooed/placed on makes that thing go even faster than it did before. So looking at this beautiful, patchwork, Millennium Falcon makes me think it can go even faster than Han Solo says it can. (Something something Parsecs being a unit of measurement vs. how fast something goes something something).
And like I said earlier, it has a very "patchwork" quality to it. It looks like someone else was trying to make their own Millennium Falcon out of parts they found laying around the spaceport. I don't know why, but this pseudo backstory I made for the ship makes it so much cooler than the actual Millennium Falcon (probably, maybe, not really). But I like it, it looks like a beautiful thing I wish I could ride around in all day/the rest of my life.