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18-year-old Anry Fuentes is the first transgender latina on the cheerleading squad at Denair High School. Fuentes has been on the squad since April, but that was when she identified as male and cheered in a male cheerleading uniform. She later came out to her team...
"When I first tried out for the cheer squad, I wasn't like 'I'm going to be the first transgender girl,'" she told People. "I was just trying out because I wanted to be a cheerleader, and I wanted to dance and cheer."
So, what was their reaction? According to TheFlama, the cheerleaders were saying, "We're proud of you, and we love you for who you are.''
Aww, that's a great team, and awesome friends!
The team helped her raise $600 for a cheerleading uniform. In addition to the act of kindness, school officials have reported that Anry has not been treated any differently by her peers.
Now this is a story that makes me go "awww!"
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I know @Danse lol. I was just being as ridiculous as the price sounds to me. I remember when I was in band and how high the prices were for the instruments. I know that's a bit different than clothing but still. I just hope she is able to continue having a good experience.
@Danse @lanejlzero Be glad you're not dancers, gentlemen. I won't even tell you the prices of costumes. >.>
Yeah when I was in color guard, uniforms were EXPENSIVE. Thinking back now...i really don't know how my parents afforded them...
Dancing only requires a good pair of socks and a nice waxed hardwood floor to slid around on. Clothes are entirely optional. :D .... Okay well maybe some clothes >_> @ButterflyBlu
@Danse OMG. lmao. 馃槀 I'm sure that would go over realllllly well, right?! I could pull it off at home, but not in class or on stage. Man, your imagery these days. I'll never get that out of my head now. <3