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Everybody loves Deadpool. I'm not sure why [yes, you are] but everyone seems to think he's the greatest. Is there anything wrong with that? [it's wrong if people don't like him] Not at all. With all the hype [you mean natural excitement, right? come on now] around his movie, it looks like the folks at Mashed put together a little video of what it might be like if Deadpool invaded a JRPG and did what does best.
[And by that I mean, Deadpool does everything the best. Have you ever eaten his lasagna? So fucking good. Like, I don't know what he puts in there but whatever it is, it's amazing. I know, I know, food talk on a card about video games. But we all gots to eat, you know? Deadpool gets it. He does. He gets everything and anything right. He's the best. Did I say that already? I can't remember.]
One of my favorite things about Deadpool is the way he deconstructs the medium he finds himself in. There's a lot of breaking the fourth wall with Deadpool and I think that makes people connect with the character a lot more [it also helps that he's a really handsome, beautiful individual, am I right guys? you know what I'm talking about, right @shannonl5].
And the way he's written allows him to make fun of the content he exists in. In the video above, almost all of the jokes are come from JRPG tropes. It's not that they're tired or people hate them, they're sometimes the reason people play them. But Deadpool points out the silliness of starting out so weak in JRPGs and the bosses that tend to talk more than they attack you [you ever get so tired of listening to people talk about how they're whatever they are, let's just get to it already, right? I know that feel DP, I know that feel].
Speaking of attacking, I love how he points out the silliness of a turn-based combat system [srsly tho, who wants to stand around politely waiting for a turn to hit the other thing that's trying to hit me]. All in all, it's a pretty fun video to watch and I really suggest you do it at your earliest convenience [and by that I mean watch it right now. I don't know what you're waiting for. We're already in agreement that Deadpool is the fucking bees knees, man. Get over it].
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