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Relax about it.

Okay, that title is a *little* misleading. We all know this isn't really Tony Stark. But he's got the same swagger (and facial hair, we all know that's important). What's really impressive is that he doesn't seem to need the Iron Man suit to blast bad guys or convince tiny cute dogs to get into the car.

The singer is Eric Kwok.

He's a Cantonese pop star, and he's been dubbed Hong Kong's Iron Man, which sounds like a cool thing to put on your resume. And the song is pretty catchy... @ChiefAlphaGoat @RoninGaijin @GrowingArt @ScriptedSoldier @DanRodriguez @DerrickAldana @gatorchick96 @knuckles0716 @Mirandha @Thatperson512 @clearplaid @MichaelOff @SamTheMallow @FuwaFuwa02 @LigerP @ALEXCAMACHO @TambryInskeep @redapple615 @MichaelNeyra @Maknaeson @andreav0707 @umaru4ever @BabyCakes00 @shantalcamara @loftonc16 but is he any match for the Tony Stark we all know and love?
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@ALEXCAMACHO for a sec I thought it said "I preach the wok" and I was like *why do you need a wok for ramen*
to make it
@ALEXCAMACHO lol all I use is hot water and dreams
soysauce and everything spice
@ALEXCAMACHO that's like 2/3 of the ingredients for the powerpuff girls