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Hello everyone!! I just finished Blue Spring Ride and decided to write a little review on here. I promise to avoid spoilers!


The plot is that a girl named Futaba who fell in love with a boy name Tanaka Kou in middle school and he disappeared before she could confess to him. Now, years later in highschool they meet again but Kou acts much differently and Futaba works to find out what happens to him as she falls in love with him again.

Reactions and Overall Thoughts:

This show is definitely at it's strongest in the beginning few episodes and slows down in the middle. The last episodes are great and the ending just makes me want to watch more and I hope there's a second season or something because I would definitely watch. I'm unfamiliar with the source material so I don't know if that's a possibility.

Animation and Music:

The animation is solid and consistent throughout. Although, if I remember correctly one of the first scenes is a flashback so it looks kind of dull and I didn't know it was a flashback at first. However, in non-flashback shots it looks nice and vivid. It often changes from the characters normal faces to cute chibi-like features which provides a good laugh and keeps it entertaining. That style is one of my favorite parts of the show. The music in this show is just amazing. The smallest things could be happening that aren't of much importance and the music would keep you engaged the whole time. It does a great job of conveying the emotions of the character and really gives you the sense of "love" that the show is based around. Hell, I was falling in love with Kou cuz of the music. Lol
And the final verdict is 8 out of 10! Which on my anime list translates to Very Good! It's ability to keep you engaged and wanting more with solid interactions between the two main characters was more than enough to get it this score. It suffers from not having many likeable characters as there's like 6 or 7 but only Kou and Futaba have in depth character development. I enjoyed it more than My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU but less than Hagani which are shows I give the same score. If you're interested in romance anime then this is a must watch!
Thanks for reading my card! Tell me what you guys thought of this anime in the comments below. Have a good day! Ja ne
@Thatperson512 I recommend it. I'm re-reading it now and I still enjoy it!
I love the anime! If you're anxious to find experience more, I suggest reading the manga! ^_^
@Ng98 I've seen my little monster and have read the manga for yamada kun (x they're both great!
@Thatperson512 I didn't read the manga so I wouldn't know, to me the anime felt like it didn't go deep enough therefore I would want a second season. If you didn't mind this problem too much I recommend "my little monster" which I loved, it has awsome characters . also unrelated but also a great romance anime is "yamada kun and the 7 witches" which I didn't expect to be so addictive and just felt like sharing :)
@Ng98 Just cuz there's no season two isn't a reason to hurt it's score. The source material it's based on continues the story, if the ending of the anime was literally the ending of the series I agree that would be pretty bad. I'm glad you agree that the side characters need to be more involved (x
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