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"Beijing-based PLaT Architects designed the concrete-less resort to work like a ship floating in deserted. The creatives at PLaT had to invent a new structural system that is fixed in the sands by panels and a prefabricated steel support skeleton. Free of tiles and bricks for construction, the resort is built with low carbon environment friendly materials to utilize solar, water and wind energy in the desert, reducing environmental pollution and strengthening ecology protection."-Where Cool Things Happen
That's true, that's one thing it's got in abundance. Heeheehee. It would be hot too, probably. Well...maybe not. It does get super cold in Mongolia.
hmm, looks interesting but i might have to think abt traveling to this place.....tooo much sand...lolz
Yep, it's Desert Lotus Hotel. (^_^) If you click on the link, I think they have more information about it. I would love to see it.
do you know the name of the hotel?
I'm betting it's pretty expensive. It's such a neat idea, though.
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