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Aww! Motivational Bunnies Will Make Your Whole Life Better
Tumblr user steelplatedhearts (a now defunct account, sadly) made these amazingly heartwarming motivational bunnies, and I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM.

Seriously, they're so adorable and uplifting – I feel like I can achieve anything with my army of caring, encouraging bunny friends!!!

Take a look and be inspired :)

I'm so proud of YOU, little bunny!!!
Yassss, little guy! F*** the haters!!!
This has encouraged me all the way into my warm bed.
Omfg how did you know this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today.
You'll see :,)
Never forget!!! #MotivationalBunnies2015
Ahhhhhh! With your help, I can believe in myself too, bunny friend. <3

I hope these bunnies made your day, like they did mine!! :D

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@AlloBaber nah, everyone needs motivational bunnies. this is a basic fact of life
Everyone needs motivational bunnies and a pet bunny and the world might be so much more peaceful!
Did you guys know in Japan there is an actual place called bunny island where there's just bunnies running everywhere. They never introduced a predator on the island so there's just bunnies everywhere. I think that's a taste of heaven on earth. I sooo want to go!!!!!
@2Distracted that's amazing!!! I want to go there so badly!!! 😄😄😄😄
@AlloBaber I just made a vingle card with a link to a buzzfeed article on bunny island if your interested. I'm fairly new here so hopefully I did it right. That place is my idea of the happiest place on earth!