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As a huge Star Wars fan I absolutely had to watch this and listen. And even though my expectations were nonexistent, I actually enjoyed listening to it. The song isn't half bad but the mv was weird and I didn't really follow along except for the fact that they were all Jedi or something. I commend their singing heavily and say good job to that. Although the boys are amazing singers, I especially liked the singing in this song. So for me this is a Yes.
@stevieqI really like the song over all, Kai slicked back hair was sexy af, Baekyun with that lollipop and Sehun just showing off that booty lol..I heard from someone that there is going to be parts to this mv...I think next is going to be D.O, Chen, and Chanyeol.
yes for me. kind of reminded me of y I started loving exo in the first place.
@LiNaHyun I definitely thought there could be more to but I also heard some rumors that there is another part to this....idk @RobertMarsh I know not bad right
Absolute yes but they could've shown more in the MV, I know its meant to be a cliffhanger but geez lol
Hmm. I'm not sure. There's no doubt in their singing abilities but I'm not sure if I would of picked them or a Kpop group to do this. That's just me though.
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