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Yes or No
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As a huge Star Wars fan I absolutely had to watch this and listen. And even though my expectations were nonexistent, I actually enjoyed listening to it. The song isn't half bad but the mv was weird and I didn't really follow along except for the fact that they were all Jedi or something. I commend their singing heavily and say good job to that. Although the boys are amazing singers, I especially liked the singing in this song. So for me this is a Yes.
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I saw it and I freaked out! I wss like omg I can't wait! I fall in love every time.
I liked the beginning up until the chorus then it was a huge no for me. It sounds a mess after the chorus to me. I like EXO and they have wonderful voices but I just couldn't get into this song. 😦 The MV was good however. 😊
Hmm. I'm not sure. There's no doubt in their singing abilities but I'm not sure if I would of picked them or a Kpop group to do this. That's just me though.