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■□■ Are You Hungry ■□■
"Yes i'll have a #1 with a side of kpop" . . . Something is going down, and someone needs a raise ~(^.^)~
It's time for a lunch break....They are now selling Big Bang Burgers!!
It's a burger.....accompanied by Big Bang (well not them, themselves but you get the point)
From what I've heard these burgers are actually pretty great Big Bang + Food= Success Cmon what could possibly go wrong lol
The only sad thing is that as of now apparently they are only selling these in Tokyo! !
So if you live in Tokyo or have a chance of being able to visit there, make sure to stop in and tell your family on here about your experience with the Big Bang Burger :)
Don't be an idiot sandwich go get one :P (Sorry I've been waiting to use this gif for ages XD)
Edit: Can we please make this into a Worldwide thing Petition!! All in favor of Big Bang Burgers Say "MADE"
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I just ate less
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Im in class and the moment i clicked on this post my teach told us to get a cookie.
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o mah gawd this is actually a thing? I'm so gonna go there someday!!!
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