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I think I fell for you, I fell for you, I fell for you.

When I listen to this song, I imagine being with you.
[Note: The song is "Acquainted" by The Weeknd. All the videos of it on Youtube keep being taken down/muted over copyright claims -___- It's such a good song though, I highly recommend you give it a listen. Check it out on Soundcloud here. First couple minutes is the song, then it becomes an extended remix.]
I picture the long lines of your body, your neck. Baby, you're no good. My mind is different since we met. I worry about things I've never worried about before. I've been free for so long, free to pursue whatever and whomever I wanted. But then you came. Out of nowhere. Out the past, perhaps, to give me a big hug on the night we met, though we had barely spoken before. And now I can't get you out of my head.
Really if I could, I'd forget about you, 'get about you, 'get about you. If I had my choice, maybe I'd choose to still be free. What we are scares me. How I feel about you, how I feel about the future... how intensely I want us to be together. Forever, maybe. It's scary, to think that meeting one person changed the course of my entire life.
But you're here now. Nobody got me feelin' this way. And suddenly, I don't want to be free anymore.
You are the one I want. Not tonight, not tomorrow morning, not for a few months. Forever. If we could be as good as I think we can, then we're going all the way. I can't think of anyone else the way I think of you.

To say that we're in love in dangerous,

But I'm so glad we're acquainted

We are not together. Not yet. But I'm driving myself crazy wondering: in two weeks, will we be? Will we kiss for the first time? Will it be incredible? You got me touching on your body. Will we be together in all the ways I want to be, and will it live up to what I've imagined all these months?
The long lines of your body. Your neck. Your strong spine. Your hands.
These girls born in the 90's are dangerous. Am I everything to you that you are to me? Do you listen to a song and picture this, too? I wonder what you think about when you think of me. And I wonder if I'm dangerous to you in all the ways you are to me.
You're not my first, or my second. You're not my third. But you are everything I want. And maybe everything I need. Thinking about you, I get chills. Because in your eyes, there is so much potential, and I want so, so badly for life to not get in the way.
But seeing the look in your eyes, my fear disappears, my concern, and my selfish desire for freedom – they evaporate. I look into your eyes, and I know what I want.
I know what I want.

I know I'd rather be complacent,

But I'm so glad we're acquainted.

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@AlloBaber you know you have to keep me informed!! <3 I know what you're feeling, you know. *Hugs* What a mess we are. *SIGH* I'm adding this song to my list I told you about. Please, if you have more that fit the bill, let me know!!
@AlloBaber this whole album is amazing, isn't it?
@ButterflyBlu Sigh indeed hahahaha. We've got enough to think about, that's for sure... :P Wait YES this entire album is amazing. I didn't know you liked The Weeknd!! I'll keep an ear out for any more good R&B type songs :)
What kind of song are you looking for exactly??
@AlloBaber Yes, ma'am. We do!! And talk about... I need to text you. It's just been a blah 72 hours. I Love The Weeknd. His voice is amazing. <3 Really, I like almost all music. I just LOVE some more than others. ;) I have to listen to a lot of different genres because I teach such varied kinds of classes. I don't mind, though. Music soothes my soul. There's the card. ^.^