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hello my anime fam (waves)!!! i figured id share this gift to those who have not received it yet!!!!
if you are like me and you love anime so much you have it as your background then get ready!!!!
there's and app called Zedge that lets you get anime ringtones,text tones,notification tones and backgrounds!!! even live backgrounds that move!!!!
i know some of us get real sad if we don't have our daily dose of anime but don't worry almost every thing is free on here!!! so don't cry!!!
theres tons of things to choose from not only that zedge has other things to such as movie and cartoon tones and backgrounds not just anime!!!!
heres some tones there's even game tones such as mario and zelda!!!!
zedge is for i phones and android!!! i usted to have an android and you could get tones directly from the app, but now i have an i phone so you have to download the app and hook it up to your computer and download off of zedges website but don't fret its really easy!!
so what are you waiting for???? the app looks like this and its free so go ahead !!!

If you want me to un- tagg you just tell me :

@VinMcCarthy It is free. I just checked it out.
its a great app i got FMA Melissa as my ring tone
I just want to say thanks for this card your amazing
@tayhar18920...tis beauteous beyond compare*dies*
@VinMcCarthy yeah it's free
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