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I have a feeling that I'm going to do more than one of these so that each of my babies get their time to shine. I'm a '93-liner, so I have a good amount of younger cuties to deal with. =3= Thank you, @ChelseaJay, for clearing up what this is all about for me. Thank you to @kpopandkimchi for getting this all started. ^^ The star of this card is...

임재범 (Im Jaebum)

Leader of GOT7, JB is my 덩생 that is absolute daddy material. That's highly inappropriate but he's honestly one of two, the other being Ilhoonie, that I would call "오빠" or "daddy" or whatever they wanted me to call them. He gets free pass for just being his adorably sexy self.
I wanted to do a hair appreciation and smile appreciation but I'm honestly trying to work with just the pictures I have on my phone because, if I got to search for some to save... Let's just say this card may not get finished before the end of the week. ㅠ/////ㅠ
He's got amazing vocals and dance moves to boot. The boy can hip thrust with the best of them and his gaze on stage... I can't even explain just how much I adore this precious ball of sunshine. I'm not that much older than him, but I'd still love to hear him actually call me "누나" at least once. His voice when he talks and when he sings is just... The boy is gifted! I'm sad about the fact that he got hurt but I'm glad he's okay and still performing. It seriously just seems like that's his forte, his niche. Baby Jaebum is my first pick for Noona November! ♡ Ps. That means you can tag me in anything JB related. =3= *kind of shameless* I have more pictures but they're hard to find because, for some reason, THERE ARE SO MANY BTS PICTURES IN MY PHONE. Everything else is so hard to find. I partially blame it on the fact that I have also roleplayed Suga and other BTS members. ^^; Anyway, yeah. I'm seriously JB-biased. I'd tap that and marry that. ;)
@ChelseaJay That's so true. omg I think it's hard to really hate him and mean it. Lol
Same. JB is a certified wrecker. Nobody can help but love him. Even his haters.