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Good Morning Vinglers, here lately I have been working on my game design and all around pc coding as best as i can... however my laptop doesn't seem to be able to handle the processing or even visual load. I started scouring the interwebs to find a suitable build on a very tight budget to help me achieve the performance i need for such tasks, I actually came across a few forums where others have suggested cluster computing as a low budget form of super computer to be able to meet many different challenges head on... what is you're opinion?
Cluster computing is it worth a shot or maybe just save up and deal a little bit longer until i can afford to build a single pc to my needs?
what is your current set up?
I've started out so far with ue4 but I get a major fps lag when running through the environment after editing it to see how its turning out from an "in game" perspective. sometimes the rendering certain terrain edits to a game level are also shooting my CPU usage straight to 100% and it freezes, im under the impression that issue is more along the lines of processor capacity. the coding isn't so much of a hassle, ive been coding(HTML,XML,JavaScript,python,and c++) fine on my current laptop for about 5 years now using mainly eclipse environment for android application/game dev.
what kind of programs are you running? as far as coding goes it doesn't require much for c, c++ and java. just any modern Intel cpu and about 4 to 8 GB of ram with do. I'm an electrical engineer major so my amd laptop with 6 GB of ram suffices. but Idk about the visual part. that's pretty broad of a term. I only know a little about the requirements for photo shop and unreal engine 4 development.