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Finally Vingle has confirmed our event so visit and leave Happy Birthday Message here => ==================================== Hi Vingle, First of all, love the site. I fell in love with this site from the moment I discovered it. I love the friends I am making here and I love how easy and pretty it is ><! Thank you so much! I was actually looking around the other day and noticed that Vingle is supporting a Park Yoo Chun birthday event, and I was wondering if Vingle can please also support the Kim Hyun Joong fans. We want to give Kim Hyun Joong the best birthday event ever, and if Vingle can support us with some gifts, we would be sooooo grateful :) I hope Vingle understands that we love Kim Hyun Joong so much and that this is an important day for all his fans. We promise that if Vingle helps us, we will make sure the event is a great success! Thank you, Amelia
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oppa happy winter child 2 you saranghee, god bless
5 years ago·Reply
Happy birthday Kim hyung joong saranghae...:)
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happy birthday my dear actor
4 years ago·Reply
happy birthday sunbae
4 years ago·Reply