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K Dramas Love Triangles got me like
Cheer Up's Main and Second male leads are sooo cute I want them both wahahahaha WHYBIS LIFE SO UNFAIR? ?!!!
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really omo I want to see it lol I wanna watch everything he is in
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@stacyneroland it's definitely different from his usual dramas.. but he was so cute on the trailer.. here's a link... ♡♡♡♡ love his pick up lines https://youtu.be/QuIsafw-O9A
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@NysA aaaah thank you I shall follow the link now
2 years ago·Reply
@NysA aaawe he is just as cte being a sweet heart.... is this movie out yet?
2 years ago·Reply
@stacyneroland yup. I think it came out last year. I just can't find it online. :(
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