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What are you doing to me? Why do you huant me so? Why don't you just flee? I am just insane, Although you are too. Just leave me alone, What have I done to you? How can I see you?!?!?! how can they not.... How are you haunting me, But yet never getting caught. Every night I whisper to you " Please leave me alone" or " Just go away" But you don't listen, you just stay I'm just glad you stay, On the walls, On my cieling, And on my floor. Thank god you're not coming from my door
Did you write this? I don't know of this is a metaphor or a muse from reality but this is a very interesting poem.
thank u and yrs i did ive got lots of them.
Can you tag me in your future poems? I'd love to see them ^.^
sure id love too
yay, thank you!