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I took this photo on my very first day in Paris. I was still homeless at the time and had to crash at my friend's place. After sleeping for what felt like an eternity, I got my camera and went out of the house. This is the first sight of the Eiffel Tower that I saw, around the Boissière Metro. The weather was cold but the sunlight was warm and inviting, and I felt a sense of overwhelming wonder. The great thing about Paris is that French people like straight lines, so all of their streets and avenues are straight-shot roads that always lead you to some place crowded and interesting. As for the Eiffel Tower, to be honest it looks like a piece of concrete trash to me in day time. But at night, when the lights are lit up, it's the most beautiful thing there is in this marvel of a city.
Bahahahaha! I'm sorry, the whole "piece of concrete trash" is so honest and refreshing. Thank you for sharing. Love it so far. :)
Haha, thanks YinofYang. Most Parisians that I talk to are actually very nonchalant about the Tower. A lot of people have never even been to the top of the tower even though they've lived there their entire lives. It's just the tourists that are fascinated with it.
I can believe that, definitely, though it's still a bit surprising. Very interesting!