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●○• Oh No, It's Happening •○●
I know I said I wouldn't but.... I GOTTA
I gotta do it guys.. "Do what?"
A G-Dragon Thigh Tattoo appreciation post (See I didn't say legs, is said Tattoo....But the Tattoo also happens to be on this legs-) I HAVE NO SHAME
But just look though
Look at his le---
*cough* I mean tattoo
Yeah tattoo
I swear we are talking about his tattoo
His "tattoo" is so nice
I really like his tattoos
Yup Jiyong you have some beautiful tattoos
Yeah I need help lol
Admit it he's got some nice legs.....I MEAN TATTOOS!!♡♡
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I agree his legs... I mean tattoos are beautiful.
2 years ago·Reply
o Mai gawd forget the tattoos, dem legs were all I was paying attention to... buy yeah, those are nice tattoos...
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I'll admit his legs are on point
a year ago·Reply