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I know I said I wouldn't but.... I GOTTA
I gotta do it guys.. "Do what?"
A G-Dragon Thigh Tattoo appreciation post (See I didn't say legs, is said Tattoo....But the Tattoo also happens to be on this legs-) I HAVE NO SHAME
But just look though
Look at his le---
*cough* I mean tattoo
Yeah tattoo
I swear we are talking about his tattoo
His "tattoo" is so nice
I really like his tattoos
Yup Jiyong you have some beautiful tattoos
Yeah I need help lol
Admit it he's got some nice legs.....I MEAN TATTOOS!!♡♡
I love this!! H definitely has some nice Legs!!!! ( stupid autocorrect keeps changing tattoo to legs.....that's odd😂😂
this was about his tattoos ? I think I might need to start reading before going straight to the pictures. hahaha. j/k. But he has some really nice tattoos to look at if thru weren't hidden all the time. Not saying I dont mind him with clothes on just saying I wouldn't mind if he was shirtless either. lol.
I LOVE HIS INHALE EXHALE TATTOOS!!!!....and those thighs are really nice...
@Helixx count me in I would love to ogle.....research Jiyongi's gorgeous anatomy 😂
Too funny! He has nice everything. Let's just pick one part of his anatomy to stare at everyday. And when we run out of his gorgeous body parts to ogle, we start over.
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