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Whether it's your must-have dress or your must-have hairstyle for your wedding (or special event), KNOW WHICH HAIRSTYLES AND NECKLINES WORK BEST!
That's what this card is all about. While there will always be ways to break the rules of design and your personal style should always trump the status-quo, here is a quick rundown of what hairstyles work best with coordinating gown necklines as seen on TheKnot, online.
Side-Swept Updo With One-Shoulder Wedding Dress
Among all the styles, this one is my favorite. I'm a sucker for geometric, architectural and unique design. Combined, the hair and neckline are exciting to look at and visually stimulating.
Topknot With High-Collar Wedding Dress
Prime example of prim, proper and wedding-appropriate. This classic style with elevated bun gives an illusion of height and stature when paired with severe or high neckline gowns.
Low Bun with Bateau-Neckline Wedding Dress
Bateau-style necklines are extremely versatile. Just be careful not to overdo it with the hair. Similar to a boatneck, bateaus work best with hair that is gently elevated in a low-lying braid, bun or, conversely, a high ponytail.
Chignon With Strapless Wedding Dress
When showing a lot on skin, especially the back, it's vital to keep your updo on the sleek side and simple. The beauty of the dress/neckline silhouette shouldn't compete with a complicated hairstyle. Definitely avoid long draped hair--keep the hair up in a modern, simple twist. No tendrils of hair please!
Loose Curls With V-Neck Wedding Dress
Here's a quick rule of thumb: Your hair should mimic your neckline. Long dramatic necklines such as a V or plunging, should also be paired with long hair. A tight severe updo could over-sex the look and verges on the J-Lo effect.
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