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McDonalds and Wendy's were my first true friends.

Food was pretty much all I knew and it showed. Growing up in a Jamaican household, eating healthy was the last thing I learned. Sunday dinner was every day consisting of either jerk chicken, curry chicken, oxtail or my favorite -- escovitch fish. I was literally in heaven. I started to gain weight around middle school. I realized I was bigger than my friends when they would come to school wearing clothes from stores I was too overweight to fit. I cared, but in times of need my food was there to keep me comfort. I got serious about my sense of style and the world of fashion around high school.
I would say that I tried my best to keep up with what was trending and I did a pretty good job at it, even as the token plus size girl. I was plus size and proud of it -- well, at least I made it seem that way. I tried my best to be confident because I knew that it would show on the outside. Although I was rather trendy, I had slight struggles when it came to what I wore on a daily basis whether it be clothing being too tight or too revealing. If you grew up slightly overweight than you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. If you were the lucky girl who never had any issues when it came to what she wore, keep scrolling and let me tell you exactly how real the struggle was.

Making sure your belly was covered.

Nobody wore super long shirts back in the day, so in order to make sure that my belly was covered and I wasn't revealing too much -- I always had to wear a camisole underneath my clothes. It was a must, but trust me, it got the job done.

Struggling to button and unbutton your pants.

If you thought buttoning your pants was the struggle, imagine unbuttoning your pants. I tried to wait to use the restroom until the school day ended just so I didn't have to struggle with those annoying buttons.

Never being able to wear any cute tops.

The cutest tops were either short sleeve or sleeveless. Being overweight your best friend is a cardigan or jacket. Covering my arms was a habit that I just couldn't break.

I loved who I was then and I love who I am now.

But, at the end of the day, the struggle was too real.
I'm trying to get better at moving away from cardigans. They're seriously my safety blanket as far as any personal style goes lol. I've always been really self conscious of my arms and how broad my shoulders are.
I'm glad you ladies can relate!!! Makes me happy to know that this card spoke to other ladies :) @LAVONYORK @LizaNightshade
I totally get this post! It actually inspires me about my button up shirt problem!
A little belly ain't never hurt nobodyyyy!!! You're the best Liz! And flannels are everything 馃槒馃槈鈽猴笍馃槉 @LizArnone
I know how you feel. I still have the same problems lol
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