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As usual, Tinder might be more beneficial than you think.

The app several use to find "love", actually worked out in one woman's favor. Although she technically wasn't using the app herself, a miracle came her way. Rich O'Dea went on Tinder searching for what most guys go on Tinder searching for -- love or something close. After going on a date with his match, Jennifer Thomas, a conversation was brought up about one of his friends whose wife was in need of a kidney donor.
Jennifer being the angel she is, she decided to reach out to Rich in hopes of being a potential match for his friends wife, Erika Bragan. Although Bragan has been on a wait list for years because of her O-negative blood type, things worked out for the best. Don't sleep on Tinder, it can be more beneficial than you think. You might not find love, but you might find something even better.
I agree. dating apps come in handy @marshalledgar
this is truly incredible on so many levels
@jordanhamilton unfortunately in my situation, I did not have a donor... It was more of a Russian Roulette situation. That is why stories like these make me have faith in humanity and give me joy! @butterflyblu I love you too lady! Thank you :) yesterday was my five month anniversary, I'm actually taking photos and writing stuff for my recovery and how I came across this road. It should make an interesting read, especially for the foundations that follow me.
That's incredible! <3 @LAVONYORK *hugs* have I mentioned lately that I love you?!
Great way to utilize social media!
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